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Got a new bike? Here’s what to do with the ‘old one’

5 Dec

As much as 98% of your old bike is reusable or recyclable

If you’ve invested in a new bicycle in the past few years, bought one or more for the family, even upgraded to a better used bike, chances are you still have an ‘old bike’ or two in your basement, garage, or cluttering up the storage. With as much as 98% of any bicycle reusable or recyclable, it doesn’t have to end that way. Continue reading


Bikes and Transit Travels – the Welland Canal

1 Sep

The sixteenth day trip added to BikesandTransit.com

Port Colborne, Ontario // Wow… that was easy. I didn’t expect that, on a bikes and transit daytrip along the Welland Canal with my nine year old. [Note: Same bus service (motorcoach – takes bikes) to Port Colborne, but now branded as MegabusContinue reading

A Greenbelt Valentine

1 Aug

Roses are red, Valentines too, Our Greenbelt is green, So how about you?

The Golden Horseshoe, Ontario // Thinking of doing something romantic, healthy and green this Valentine’s Day? The Greenbelt has much to offer to help you express your amorous feelings. Continue reading