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Jim Fitzpatrick sticks to his pacifist principals

9 Apr

Irish artist patiently awaits legal transfer of his iconic Che artwork to Cuba

In today’s world where hundreds of people are ‘famous just for being famous’, Dublin resident and Celtic Art master draftsman Jim Fitzpatrick is perhaps the exact opposite. Continue reading


Phil Lynott’s really big year

9 Apr

Late Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott riding a growing new wave of appreciation

Despite not being with us for over twenty-five years now – twenty-seven years this January 4th – Irish singer, songwriter, bass player and Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott still managed to have quite a year in 2012. Perhaps not adding up to much ‘money in the bank’, Lynott’s words and music did however ride a growing new wave of appreciation. Continue reading

“My Boy” is back in town!

1 Oct

Irish rock superstar Phil Lynott’s mom has a #1 bestseller now available on e-book in Canada

Philomena Lynott has been a popular celebrity in Ireland and the UK for years. A gifted public speaker and best-selling author, she is adored worldwide by rock music fans who know her as the sweet, straight shooting mother of Phil Lynott, Dublin’s celebrated “Black Irishman vocalist with the unmistakable voice.”

Continue reading